3 dic 2011

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TU (Umberto Tozzi) lyrics translaed - Best Italian songs

Umberto Tozzi
Umberto Tozzi
Tu (You) is a song of 1978 by Umberto Tozzi, a singer who has had great success in those years with his love songs.
It 'became very popular abroad, as well as you with' Gloria ', a song which, translated into English by Laura Branigan and has made tens of thousands of people dancing in the summer of '78 in all the clubs the world.
Here the greatest hits of Umberto Tozzi, and below "Tu", with the English translation of this beautiful love song:

Lyrics translation TU:

Dan Dabadan Dabadan Dabadan Bam Bam Bam Bam. . . . You're these are the
See'e I'amore to dinner and you
Tell me if you like it
My bed, strong and you
Weights a little more room for maneuver for foam
You because you're not there
And I'm stripping.
You give me all those years
I work odd and
But you should know that the
View from near you
You are more beautiful than ever
Kisses from a minute
Not to the
Not by
Who made you enter.
Whoever burns me is you
And my gear piil
And a little 'madness
Enough for you
As you're not my
If you let me I'amore
I will sing
As if I were a song.
Cantero wake up and walking
Who's dreaming of me, more
To the world you and me girl sad.
Cantero is because the rain
Down the wind calms down a bit '
Why the sky is more blue and you smile at me.
Dan Dabadan
Dan Dabadan
Dabadie; an
You're not you
A bar of soap that
No slipping see'e
You tell me that an hour
You need me
You more oxygen
Say it is not you
a mirage
But you are.
Dan Dabadan
Dabadan Dabadan Bam Bam Bam Bam
. . . I will sing wake up and walking

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