16 dic 2011

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Best Italian songs: Se telefonando, Mina

 mina 70
"Se telefonando" Mina is one of the best Italian songs of all time.
It 'a song that has been interpreted over time by many Italian singers, the text is written by Maurizio Costanzo (Italian show man) and Ghigo De Chiara, the authors of a 1964 era radio program, of which " Se telefonando" (If calling) was the theme music. Music and arrangement are the master Ennio Morricone, who said he was inspired by the sound of police sirens in Marseille, to compose the words. This song has been changed in the text by Costanzo as could be banned by the censors at the time it was very hard, for some words that might have seemed ambiguous.

"Se telefonando" is about a love gone too fast and the difficulty, for Mina, even with only a phone call to say that "Our love has just been born already finished".
That is one song helps to be Mina the best italian singer

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  1. Anything that MINA sings is of celestial quality.


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