8 dic 2011

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Gladio: Secret Government in Italy, documentary

gladio italy
Gladio has been for years a secret military structure in NATO, also known as Stay Behind has made use of the best professionals hired by the anti-faith, declared the special forces and Armed Forces FFOO for what he knows is to 'be prepared' against a possible fifth column, that is, against a possible takeover (is that with military voting) of the Communists.
It was particularly large and active in Italy.
The documentary we're going to see is made by the BBC a few years after the 'Gladio case' and that has the highlights of the interviews to see: there and then they all swore that they were hoaxes or exaggerations, in fact, over time, even interviews with the most discussed (Licio Gelli, head of the notorious Propaganda 2 or P2, which had as its purpose the 'democratic renewal' here original photocopy and list of members 'updated' and in alphabetical order, where is also Berlusconi) are have been correct. 

We support the thesis that the documentary, is that the second World War in Europe and never finished it, and that Italy was the battlefield, until at least 1990. 
If the Nazi-Fascism is defined as a reactionary movement that is due to the fact that the main reaction had Versailles pacts against the treaty, against the economic situation of the time, the excessive power (then colonial) English and French as well as against communism
Just in this video is a very interesting document which shows an assembly of anti, mostly fascists and Nazis from across Europe.
To the expansion of communism began to put a real Brake, said, by the late '30s and the second World War the American OSS services (now CIA) could not do better than to hire good cops or good officers as the Xa MAS of Prince Valerio Borghese, or the case of General Reinhard Gehlen, who was involved however, in the conspiracy who tried to assassinate Hitler July 20, 1944 and who had directed the section of the intelligence services of the wehrmacht officer in control of the Eastern Front and the Soviet Union. The General Gehlen, given its extensive information resources on the Soviet Union , was allowed to preserve its network of over 400 spies in the service after the war the United States. 
The Gehlen organization soon became one of the primary sources of intelligence during the Cold War, and formed the basis of what from 1956 became the German intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). 
So fascists of proven loyalty to counter what he had become a problem at hand. According to some even in '48 Togliatti (president of Italian communists)  went to Moscow to seek enlightenment that is, if you start using force to take power: the Comintern advised caution, was a good choice even if the Communists were still well-organized and armed guerrilla warfare since the Italians were already services, in turn loyalty 'Atlantic' because their relationships Italian police know that the activities of the Italian Communists, in practice considered as a fifth column of Soviet Russians
For those who do not understand avessae we are talking about the secret structure that was defined in 1992, after his discovery 'Red Gladio', but we must not lose sight that we know these things because the time on the omission of many police investigations, police and Sifar (the Italian secret services of the time) are now public domain and not for some book that some 'former partner' has had the courage to write. 
The suspicion that a thin red line to the Red Brigades Red colleagues Gladio is very strong, even if only for the moment I suspect it is. Going from memory there are some things that were never clarified, back in 2008. Although the likes of Moretti's Red Brigades swear that this type of aid had not, the suspicion is there, in that when the Red Brigades were formed from the independent Workers' does not seem possible that within the movement there were more infiltrated or not covered services of the East, for example, Czechoslovakia, always close to the Italian communist party. The Suspicions about Gladio - Operation Stay-Beyoind, the 'Atlantic Gladio' are many, for example, do not forget that the whole story came out Gladio 'by mistake', a 'sorry' accused of the massacre of Peteano spoke. 
In 'practice, although the sources that we can now say' official 'categorically deny it, hard not to think that the armed wing of the strategy of tension had been its own Gladio, although some say that people never felt patriotism would put bombs case speak when innocent civilians. Shed light on what happened these past years is important, beyond the historiographical reasons, as history should teach us not to fall into the same errors. 
In Argentina there was a 'reconciled' between Executioner and victims, when will a reconciled between extreme right and extreme left Italian we can begin to let go of the ideological discourse of politics and start thinking about the real welfare in Italy. Instructions to watch the video: the video is in 5 parts: automatically start and click the other constituent parts of the documentary will begin no more commands to give. 

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  1. Ok, i can speak for Gladio in Italy, and now there is not more, just to many years ago, when Andreotti speak about Gladio 15 years ago, if i remember well into Italian parliement.
    Andreotti was one of most importan italia poiticians ever, he start to make politics thanks his links with sicialian politic (mafia?) and secrec policy of vaticano and has been one of most important italian statesman. He speak about Gladio to destroup it, because 'reds' and USSR doesn't more exists.
    Now, Some years ago ex-gladio soldiers - the most part comes from italian army - wrote on a fre-forum about defence in Italy, I read him, and I assure You 'gladio' was only an instrument in the hand of 'politicals padrino', as chief of Nato, not more. That was i know, and what in really i understand in 30 years that i follow italian politic and secret affairs, a mix of terrorism, mafia, blak affairs, links with cia, vaticano and others important powers.
    In all these years italy was only a big strategic Country where Usa and Urss made cold war, not more, the italian politic never has been important Italy was considerated only a soldier in the hands of Us Government.
    Thanks for your comment.


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