6 dic 2011

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bersaglieri militari corp plays running
Today we see and hear one of the most beautiful - and unique in the world - Italian traditions: the "Fanfare of the Bersaglieri", that make me proud to be Italian.
The "Fanfare of the Bersaglieri" is the only army music band that plays running.
I worked at a military barracks of Bersaglieri and I assure you that just to become a soldier must run run and run, to become a member of the Fanfare of Bersaglieri: you need to know to live, fight and play running: something very difficult, because in only this band play aerophone and run and play inside a trumpet or a trombone, I assure you that it is an effort that causes hallucinations were ...

In any event self-respecting Italian military, come the Bersaglieri who are the joy of children and adults: unleash a force, a vitality like few other shows.
The Italian Bersaglieri are an Italian military corp of emergency and has participated in all the world's most dangerous peacekeeping missions in recent years.
Below, some of most beautiful videos about Bersaglieri, to see:

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