30 dic 2011

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SANREMO 2012 - Singers - Songs Winner, Videos

Sanremo 2012
Sanremo 2012, the Italian Song Festival, will be presented by Gianni Morandi, the famous Italian singer who has had his first successes in the '60s and the show will air live on the channels of RAI, the Italian Radio and Television from 14 to February 18, 2012.
Along with Morandi, there will be Tamara Ecclestone, one of the daughters of the owner of Formula One, (no more Tamara) - and Ivana Mrazova, a Czech fashion model, and Celentano ... but could not find some nice Italian girl for that Sanremo 2012?
Ok, what is important are the songs in Sanremo, in the meantime there is a list of singers and songs who will participates in the 62th edition of Sanremo 2012:

Here's the Link where you can Watch Italian TV of the Sanremo Festival, Live Free on Your PC, Smartphone and Tablet.

Update of February 15, 2012:
After the first night of the show yesterday, we were able to find all 14 video with the songs that the singers have sung this year in Sanremo 2012.
Update, 23, February:
Sanremo is finished,

the Winner is (FIRST 3 PLACES) :

  2.  - ARISA
  3.  - NOEMI

For Newcomers Section:

  2. - ERICA MOU + Critics Award

For More Info: go to This page, Where You can find reviews, videos and links to others articles, about Singers and Songs.

Below, here are the videos, in the same order of the list above,  as YouTube will delete them, You do us a favor if we say it, via a comment below, thanks.

Here, Tamara Ecclestone... with Vivaldi!

Here, Ivana Mrazova, some of her best images of internet:

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