9 dic 2011

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Ndrangheta, Somali pirates, Toxic waste, weapons and kidnapping

Somali pirates
Now it's a bit of time this blog follows the adventures of the Somali Pirates and here is what comes out if you get together the 'pieces' of this kind of puzzle: pirates, weapons, toxic waste, kidnapping.
For centuries the people of the coast of the Horn of Africa living from fishing.

Over the past 50 years that stretch of sea is a kind of highway to 6 lanes for ships, many of supertankers, from the Persian Gulf and/or Indian Ocean are directed to Europe.
The supertankers, until recently cleaned up their holds with sea water, polluting those waters as they could, and now international laws prevent this practice, but as usual not everyone respect. The fact is that in the meantime, the fish-rich areas of the Gulf of Aden are now almost totally devoid of marine life, a situation which, together with previous wars, the current state of anarchy which is substantial in Somalia, has meant that this ex- Italian colony is now considered one of the dustbins secret of production waste and toxic waste of the Western industrial societies, which no one wants on their doorstep, some of these comes in Africa thanks to camorra and 'ndrangheta... 
The pollution of the sea has led to hunger somali coastal populations made up of fishermen, residents, former guerrillas, policemen of Islamic cohorts, are in fact organized and armed thanks to the 'peace mission' of the UN - which cost the lives many Western-soldiers who remained after the thousands of weapons and ammunition in a circle at bargain prices in that country. 
Other weapons these so-called 'Pirates' - but I call them more properly "The desperates of Somali coasts" just as if the payment to procure the discharge of toxic waste
Do you remember the murder of Rai journalist Ilaria Alpi and her cameraman Miram Rovatin?
Someone said she killed because she had understood the links about toxic waste, 'ndrangheta, somali pirates and weapons... 
Well, if you give me so much, the story is always the same, only now the scenario has been extended and totally - or almost - came to light, but the latter - as you know - it's just my opinion ... 
I wonder if my opinion is the right one?? 
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