21 dic 2011

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The World's first electric motorbike

sora first electric motorbike
Sora superbike
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, that product of new Italian technology: the "world's first electric motorbike" costs 30,000 euros (today 39.000 US $) and get to 200 kmh (124 miles per hour)
There were so many bikes that have attempted to follow the path of the engine to electricity, but this "SORA" has something more, and certainly the design, the high technologies used to build it, the fact that 300 km (186 miles)  of autonomy and speed 200 kmh ..
Here, below, some features:
Some of its features and benefits include: 

An energy storing, integrated charge management system. Ride for up to 300 km on a single charge thanks to the top-of-the-line, high-density battery — built to last for the life of the bike 
A powerful electric motor and CVT transmission. Experience the power of going 0-200 km/h with zero clutch and phenomenal torque that makes you feel like you're flying on the road 
An advanced communication and power management unit, developed by LITO and designed to convert every watt of power efficiently to minimize energy loss 
A patented Safe Range System™. With this revolutionary application you will never experience range anxiety. Just set your destination the Sora supebike will manage the amount of energy to get you there 
State-of-the-art integrated GPS system and touch screen. Stay connected to your bike in a new way never before possible 
The world's first ever electric motorbike seat. Change your ride handling on the fly 
High-quality front fork and rear suspension and top-of-the-line braking, designed to let you stop faster than on almost any other superbike 
An on-board charging port and sealed lockable storage compartment. Keep you gear dry and secure Patented email notification when the SORA charge is complete 
A regenerative braking system. Energy lost during braking is used to recharge the battery, so you can travel further in a single charge. The system also minimizes impact on the brake pad, which means less maintenance 
Lightweight carbon fiber fairing and aluminum chassis
Aircraft grade materials, stronger, lighter, faster.

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SORA's official website

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