21 dic 2011

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Turin Shroud is authentic, scientists says

turin shroud
Tutin Shroud of Christ
Christmas is coming and the purpose here is a study of Italian scientists - obviously paid for the advice ... - Saying that the Turin Shroud is authentic!
The man needs to believe in something, man has invented religion, magic, and we, in 2012, that still does not accept the death and can not understand the pain that hurts the heart, we need attached to something: religious faith ..
The 'Turin Shroud is authentic', because at the time when the latest studies have said it was 'manufactured' in 1300 did not have the techniques to achieve this false thesis that runs for some time now, and already put the lie to this ...
Yes, a linen sheet would have defied centuries 20 to get to us, in the hands of the Vatican to prove that God exists, that Jesus died, rose again and suffered for us.
I do not want to write against the Catholic religion, no, but let me write against an obvious fake mystery as that of the Turin Shroud, as serious and scientific studies have shown has been created around the XIII century sacred because at the time it magically appeared this relic was the custom, on middle age was a big trade of relic.
The Pope recently said that it is not just a relic that can prove the existence of God, and I agree.
If God is love, we must first look within ourselves love, then we can give it to others, then we can find, if we are lucky even the love of God ..
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