30 gen 2012

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3 days of blackbird, coldest days of winter

3 days of blackbird - legend
There is a legend typically Italian tradition, or rather, typically Emilia, the days of the blackbird.
The days of the blackbird are the last three days of January 29. 30 and 31 and would be the coldest days of the year.
I remember my mother, who was from Emilia and I often told of this legend.
In fact, also if it's a fairy tale, the days of the blackbird are really the coldest days of the year, no, there isn't a scientific explanation, is a pure mystery.
These days, in Italy a cold wind is coming from Russia, Siberia, and this week the temperatures will drop as ever this winter.

There is a legend according to which, the blackbirds at the beginning, they were all white, and for shelter from the extreme cold, a blackbird and her chicks, took refuge in a chimney, from which emerged on 1 February, all blacks because soot.  From that day, all the blackbirds were blacks.

Personally, I can testify that in my house this legend, was repeated every time came the latest January, to prove that the ancient oral tradition handed down to us was always true, as the extreme cold of the three days of the blackbird.
Try, if you live in the northern hemisphere of Planet Earth, this Italian legend to pass to Your children, then, every year, check if it is true: You'll be amazed too, men of science and computing...
Giorni della merla

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