15 gen 2012

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Alan Sorrenti songs of Sons of the Stars

alan sorrenti
Alan Sorrenti
"I Figli delle Stelle" (Sons of the stars), was one of those songs that made ​​history of Italian disc music.
It was 1977, and had started the fashion of disco, thanks to 'Saturday Night Fever'.
This song of Alan Sorrenti, was one of the first successful Italian disco, and I remember, the Italian clubs, begins to fill with young people, no longer dancing 'traditional Italian dances', like waltzes or mazurkas, was the time of the trasgression, was the time of life, was the time of the 'Sons of the stars'.

Alan Sorrenti songs with lyrics:

Alan Sorrenti, was himself a 'Sons of the stars',
after a few hits, if they have flown to India for many years, only returning to Italy in the '90s, to remind everyone that the fun, in Europe, were moved to Ibiza ...
Recall that Alan Sorrenti was very important, for the Italian progressive rock.

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