7 gen 2012

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BOCCHERINI: Minuet and cello

boccherini minuet cello
Luigi Boccherini
Luigi Boccherini was one of the greatest Italian composers of classical music.
The famous "Minuet, from String Quintet No. 5 in E", which is synonymous with classical music, chamber music, a unique nobility of expression, and evokes savoir-fair, good manners and lightness, we can still hear today many TV commercials, movies, and videos on YouTube.

Listen to Boccherini makes you feel better, is almost never boring classical music that elevates the spirit and mind.
Boccherini was born in Lucca, in Tuscany in 1745, and died in 63 years, after being a great cellist, having written some thirty symphonies, minuets, quartets and quintets, works that are among his most popular.

The works by Boccherini, however, stayed behind with the evolution technically Vienna - Mozart and Haydn - despite his string quintets are still unsurpassed.
Here, are some of the finest works by Boccherini:

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