21 gen 2012

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Carnival of Venice: Best mask 2012

carnival of venice, best masks
Carinval of Venice
Good morning, Madame mask.
It was so that they greeted in Venice, during the 6 weeks of carnival, the people who met on the street, in the mask.
For centuries, the Carnival of Venice, - this year from 11 to 21 February - has meant social equality, game, get in the shoes of a person who had not.
The rich could become poor and the poor could become rich, pretending for a few days, he played, he was living a dream.

The Carnival of Venice has maintained this tradition, masks, and here's a slideshow of the most beautiful masks of the Carnival of Venice 2012:

Photos from: Claudio Mortini

2 commenti:

  1. Those handmade italian masks are by far the best, i especially love these filigree metal masks.

  2. Yes, Venice Carnival Masks are really beautiful and full of charm


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