19 gen 2012

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Chiara Civello songs of an Italian Crooner

chiara civello
Chiara Civello

Chiara Civello was born in 1975 in Rome, and is one of the most interesting voices who should participate in Sanremo 2012.

Like all Italian musicians who do not make pop music, Chiara Civello had to assert himself abroad first, then in Italy.
And 'known in the U.S. and South America, in fact fluent in both English and Portuguese, and sings and writes lyrics in Italian, in English and Portuguese.
Civello Chiara, aged 19, left Italy to study in Boston, the Berkleee College of Music, now lives in New York, and why not? Then we can call it a crooner, yes, it is precisely the singers crooner, that our memory is connected with music, singing just feel Civello Chiara.
As mentioned earlier, Chiara Civello, is a singer-songwriter, plays piano and guitar in her concerts, and this makes us appreciate even more.
Here, are some of the most beautiful songs Chiara Civello:

  • Chiara Civello songs:
  1. Problemi
  2. Al posto del mondo lyrics

Chiara Civello Official

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  1. Chiara Civello is a Beautiful and Lovely Being! She emits Genuine Love in everything she does! You can see, hear, and feel her love! I am grateful that she shares herself with us! <3

  2. Thanks for Your comment, I add You on Google +

  3. Chiara's is a real artist, sweet and profound in everything she sings and writes. She has conquered our hearts here in Brazil already!

  4. favolosa, bravissima e bellissima

  5. I'm happy to see all these fans of Chiara!!


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