18 gen 2012

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Cosa Nostra in Sicily behind the protests

cosa nostra
Cosa Nostra
In Sicily began a big protest, a few days.
Still, the national TV did not give the news - so far - but surely, become very important in the coming days.
The protest was started by an organization of professional drivers - truckers -.
Historically, transport is controlled in Sicily - indirectly - by the Cosa Nostra and, one might think that this time there is the hand of the Mafia behind this event would not be the first time in the history of the Mafia, using protests, for any purpose their own.
All roads are blocked: petrol, food, all consumer goods, in practice, in Sicily, and travel by road, since the protest began 3 days ago, the goods are starting to finish in the first shops in a few days is that there will be nothing left to buy.
Police watch, without intervening, but what these people want?
They want someone to help them, the Sicilian economy is collapsing, not least the Italian economy, however, the protest could also expand to other regions of Southern Italy, and beyond ...
Unfortunately, in Italy, the welfare state has taught us that someone was helping us, that someone would give us subsidies, now that money is not there anymore, you can not understand why these subsidies do not keep coming, perhaps, because of money... there are no really!

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