2 gen 2012

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'IL DIVO', 50 years of Italian intelligence

il divo
Il Divo
"Il Divo" - 2008 - is a movie about Andreotti's life, a film with subtitles in English where you can find 50 years of Italian intelligence, where you can read the modern Italian history as seen from a point of view, not official, in which can really begin to understand the modern Italian politic and culture and history as you live in Italy.
"Punic Wars aside, in my life I've been accused of everything that has happened in Italy. »
And 'why Androtti Julius said, jokingly, but not too much.

Giulio Andreotti was the most important Italian politician, from WWII to few years ago.
Andreotti has had many nicknames from Italian and international press: the Divine Julius, the first letter of the alphabet, the hunchback, the fox, the Moloch, the salamander, the Black Pope, eternity, the man of darkness, Beelzebub; but he never complained, for one simple reason, has a sense of humor.
Something else has: a large archive, and every time he speaks on this store, who must be silent, as if by magic, he began to remain silent ...
Enjoy "Il Divo" this Italian movie with subtitles in English that will help you learn the Italian language
Here, is the link which takes you to the movie online.

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