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Ferrari priviliged with Ecclestone in Sanremo?

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These are the rumors that are starting to leak out on the web.
Tamara Ecclestone will Sanremo 2012, the Italian Music Festival.
Tamara Ecclestone is also the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the absolute master of Formula One, as well as creator of Formula One Group, which manages not only the television rights but also the awards race, the contracts with the organizers of the competitions and sponsorship, is practice the power center of Formula One.
Bernie Ecclestone has already been the focus of scandals in the conduct of Formula One, and you know, the Ferrari in Italy is very powerful politically, being one of the most popular Italian brands in the world, and has all the papers in order to have a favor by RAI Italian television to radio, which broadcasts Formula One races and organizes Sanremo ... 
It 'a theorem a little risky? 
We do not believe: in Italy the 'system favors', or patronage, unfortunately, the most noble that is used in business, otherwise, there are even more unfair systems ...
If this is true, we are sorry that Ferrari has to resort to this to gain respect in Formula One.

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