16 dic 2015

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Francesca Michielin bio, songs, gossip

Francesca Michielin born 1995 Bassano del Grappa northern Italy, became popular after won X Factor 5 on 2011 with song below, "Distratto".

Update December 2015: today Michielin Francesca is a singer beloved by an audience of young people, his songs have always successfully, with the help of Fedez, with which it has already singer 2.
Francesca Michielin has been called to participate in Sanremo 2016, among the singers Big.
Francesca will bring a song that will compete against the other 19 to clinch the victory in this 66st Festival of Italian Song.
Francesca Michielin was not a professional singer, she liked to sing, and his friend, for fun, enrolled in the selection for X Factor, with a piece of Led Zepplin was able to express the determination of which is capable of and convinced the judges to participate in it.
Although there was.
This year, the good singers, just 16 years old, has managed to fall in love with the audience and win, but not only, in a short time, with the song 'Distratto' (Distracted) - song wrote from Elisa, is now first in the Italian music charts of the most downloaded single from iTunes.
Francesca has the voice, has the talent, age and all it takes to become a protagonist of Italian music, below Distratto, enjoy:
Francesca Michielin bio, songs, gossip

Francesca Michielin songs, bio, contact

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