23 gen 2012

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impressioni di settembre
Impressioni di Settembre
Impressioni di Settembre has been the most famous song of PFM.
Wrote by PFM, text by Mogol, has been an absolute masterpièce of Italian Rock, Progressive Rock, precisley.
In the '70s and '80s, there was no internet, to have fun, and teenagers gathered in the garage, and they sounded.
They played for fun and to become - secretly - the Rock Star.

In this period were formed tens, but I say, hundreds of groups, some of which we find ourselves today, in this list of Italian singers and bands. If there was one thing that all these groups have played Italians, as well as international hits, it was this song, and over time we realized that was a masterpiece of Italian music.
Played, sounded, and played again, till you drop.
Here, this article is dedicated to all those young people who today are no longer, and that at least once, they played 'Impressioni di Settembre' (Impressions of September), and that, at least once, have dreamed of becoming a rock star.

 Impressioni di Settembre - lyrics:
Quante gocce di rugiada intorno a me
cerco il sole ma non c'è
Dorme ancora la campagna forse no
è sveglia
mi guarda
non so
Già l'odore di terra
odor di grano
sale adagio verso me
e la vita nel mio petto batte piano
Respiro la nebbia
penso a te
Quanto verde tutto intorno
e ancor più in là
sembra quasi un mare d'erba
e leggero il mio pensiero vola e va
ho quasi paura che si perda
Un cavallo tende il collo verso il prato
resta fermo come me
Faccio un passo
lui mi vede
è già fuggito
la nebbia
penso a te
No cosa sono adesso non lo so
sono un uomo
un uomo in cerca di se stesso
No cosa sono adesso non lo so
sono solo
solo il suono del mio passo
e in tanto il sole
tra la nebbia filtra già
il giorno
come sempre

Impressions of september - Lyrics translated in English:
How many drops of dew around me
I seek the sun, but is not.
The campaign is still sleeping, maybe not,
is awake, looking at me, I do not know.
Even the smell of earth, the smell of wheat
rises slowly toward me,
and the life beats in my chest up,
breath, the fog, I think of you.
How green all around, and even further
looks like a sea of grass,
My thoughts fly and light and goes
I'm almost afraid to lose ...
A horse's neck tends to the lawn
remains stopped, as me.
I take a step, he sees me, has already fled
breath, the fog, I think of you.
No, now I do not know what I am,
I am a man, a man in search of himself.
No, now I do not know what i am,
I am alone, just the sound of my step.
and meanwhile the sun filtering through the fog already
the day as always will be. Traslated by: Me

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