28 gen 2012

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Irene Fornaciari: Zucchero's daughter

irene fornaciari zucchero daughter
Irene Fornaciari
Irene Fornaciari, is the daughter of famous Italian singer and songwriter in Italy and abroad Zucchero 'Ray' Fornaciari .

In practice these data are essential Irene Fornaciari, yes, because the daughter of Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari, then did not sing Italian songs made ​​famous, is a good singer, but not excellent, will take part in Sanremo 2012.
We are confident, however, that, with help from Dad Fornaciari, and music producer Caterina Caselli, Irene's success will not be long in coming, perhaps helping some young Italian composer to become famous, we'll see.
We hope, a day to read the name of Irene Fornaciari, without see 'Zucchero's daughter', it will means Irene become a great singer.

Here, below, some of the most famous songs by Irene Fornaciari:

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