15 gen 2012

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Italian Atheist vs. Vatican Power video

atheists vs pope
The State of the Vatican (is not only a city, is a really little State), was a great state, coming straight from the ashes of the Roman Empire dominated Italy and then central Italy, until the unification of Italy, in 1860.
This is the story, this to show that Italian popular culture is full of religion is, that the Catholic religion has been of great importance in Italy, but to show that the Popes were like kings, bishops (Etruscan name) were the commanders of the city, the men in Italy for centuries have absolute power: the religious power, decision making, the judiciary.

Always, in Italy, there were people who fought against the religious power, as the Italian Freemasonry, as the Socialists and the Communists, even today, the Catholic Church, has a great political and economic influence in Italy, even today, there are lot of many anti-clerical persons, who may not have a true political faith, but have only one certainty: to attack religion, desecrate.
Today, we offer Christian Ice, an Italian DJ who, taking videos of fervent Catholics Italian and/or American, fighting with words the bigots, the religion based on blind faith, a religion that does not shut itself sees beyond the his nose.
Christian Ice, wants to remember to us the phrase, always valid, 'religion is the opium of the people' ..
Here, 'Atheists Kill People':

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