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LE NOTTI DI CABIRIA full movie HD translated

le notti di cabiria
In 1998 the film was rereleased, newly restored and with a crucial scene that censors had cut.
Directed by Federico Fellini, 'Cabiria' is the Fellini's wife, Giulietta Masina, plays Cabiria Ceccarelli, a feisty but naive prostitute in Ostia, then a seedy section of Rome.
Below, there is the complete movie HD with subtitles, translated in english language.
"Le notti di Cabiria" (Cabiria's nights) is one of more beautiful movies of Federico Fellini, the most important Italian film director after WWII.
This film shows an Italy poor, desperate lives, the slums around Rome, who for years have characterized the Italian capital.
The film may appear fragmented in the sequence of events in the life of Cabiria.
In reality they are linked by a strong narrative structure whose center is the main character.
I hope it will be useful to You for learn Italian language for free and fun.

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