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Learn Italian language with movies: "Mondo Cane" '

mondo cane movie
Mondo cane, poster
When I was young, watching the movie 'Mondo Cane', (lett. Dog World)  typical Italian language expression to say 'Wild World', was how to move from child to teenager.
Internet did not exist, and in the Italian television the censorship was strong, not seen each other naked, killings, in short, a world you could see was sweet, beautiful and toned down, while the news of the day spoke of war, terrorism and civilization yet to be discovered.
I think that is a  simple description of the reasons for the success of the scandal raises 'Mondo Cane' in Italy in and around the world, made in '62 director.
Below, the complete movie with subtitles in Italian that will help You learn Italian language in a fun way.

More info on Wikipedia, here

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