28 gen 2012

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Learn Italian language with music

learn italian language, dante
Father of Italian language:
Dante Alighieri
Learning the Italian language is not simple, it has many grammar rules and the dictionary has many words, there are many schools and universities for foreigners also very important and famous, such as Perugia, but there are other ways easier and free.
There is, to begin to learn the Italian language, a simple method very easy and fun, as well as free: listen to Italian songs translated into English - and in other languages ​​-.
One of the most common mistakes, made by foreigners when they speak the Italian language is the pronunciation.

The letters that are read in Italian, do not have the same pronunciation of the letters that are read in the Anglo-Saxon languages​​, Italian is a Latin language, and is much closer to Spanish and French, than to other languages​​.
Here is a List of the Most Beautiful Italian Songs Translated, with texts in both English and other languages​​.
Have a good fun and a good study, the language of Dante Alighieri (pictured above, right), the "Supreme Poet" who 'invented' the Italian language in 1300 AD about..

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  1. Its development was also influenced by other Italian dialects and by the Germanic language of the post-Roman invaders.


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