11 gen 2012

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MANNARINO - Italian Gypsy Music

alessandro mannarino
Alessandro Mannarino borns in Rome, on 1979 and starts to sing in 2001.
On 2009 Mannarino pubblished his first album, but is only on 2010 becomes famous, after to sing a song in a movie partecipation: 'Tutto l'amore del mondo'.
Mannarino, few weeks ago, pubblished a song: "Vivere la vita",(Living Life), sung by a child that, at this moment, is very plays from all Italian radios.

Living life, or 'Live Life', us to improve our lives, to live it, making ourselves and our dreams, with gypsy music in the background, a child tells us to live our lives, and it is thanks to the voice of this child, who says very wise things, that this song is impressing throughout Italy, a few days before the start of the Sanremo Festival 2012.

Alessandro Mannarino

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