23 gen 2012

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marlene kunts
Marlene Kunts
Marlene Kunts partecipate, this year in Sanremo Music Festival.
The Marlene Kunts, a rock band are very interesting, all excellent musicians, come from the Piedmont, they play a much sought after music, style noise rock, and are on the scene from the 90s.
The average sound of Marlene Kunts personally do not like.

Too sophisticated, both in style and in the texts, for heaven's sake, nothing to rely on the words are poetry, music, nothing to question sought, careful, but it is perhaps too far from what is the Italian traditional nusic, can enjoy listening to attentive and certainly not 'transition'.
It should be said, that this group live, I had the good fortune to hear, is really awesome comes out live all of their technique and skill that have in making music.
Marlene Kunts is one of the most popular groups of young Italians alternative, that is, they hate everything that is commercial and Sanremo ', very strange that participate in the Festival this year, you want to see that even Marlene Kunts are adapting to the' system '?
Ps: the first song of playlist is 'Impressioni di Settembre', the 70's rock progressive martepièce  of PFM.
Below, the most popular songs of Marlene Kunts:

Marlène Kunts on Wikipedia

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