28 gen 2012

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Patty Pravo Rare Tv Show 60s

patty pravo 60s
Patty Pravo 60s

I love this woman, an Italian icon of : elegance, style, education, fashion, musically perfect, a myth ...

Patty Pravo, was one of the most famous singers in Italy on 60s.

Patty has studied classical music as a young, and became famous very young, when she moved to Rome, was a regular at the disco 'Piper', the trendiest disco in those years, was called 'The Piper girl', the girl was dancing in the middle of the ballroom all night and all admired, with his voice and style, thanks to the producers, became a symbol of those years.
These special videos we found on YouTube, are a very rare RAI television, this is a Tv-show dedicated to Patty Pravo, "Tonight with Patty" directed by the mister Falqui, one of the greatest directors of Italian television.
The Italian television that he wanted to pay homage, in 1969 what was considered one of the biggest musical phenomena of the moment, Patty Pravo.
Very interesting to see the fashion, and ways of dancing at the time, very intriguing and sensual.

Patty Pravo, in fact, it was not just a simple singer, but also a reference point for fashion and lifestyle, in those years in Italy.


Patti Pravo Videos on this playlist

  1. Michelle ft. Donyelle 'Stasera Patti Pravo Tv show"
  2. La bambola, from Stasera Patti Pravo Tv show
  3. Concerto per Patty
  4. Vieni a casa mia
  5. Yesterday
  6. Qui e là - ballet with Don Lurio
  7. Se perdo te - The time is come - 

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