6 gen 2012

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SCARLATTI, Baroque and Harpsichord

scarlatti baroque music
I remember Scarlatti, when we were beginning students to play Scarlatti, meant that the study was well on the piano.
It was hard to play Scarlatti, at least from what little I remember, but the baroque music of Domenico Scarlatti, helps us to enter a period of history (borns in Naples on 1685) full of decorations, wigs, face powder, and a time that is about to end, time Kings and rulers, a time that will be taken away by the first American Revolution and the French Revolution onwards.

The Baroque was, in fact, the swan song of the European nobility, and the quick hands of pianists playing Scarlatti seem to run, run away from modernity that soon to come, and will change the Baroque music, the music of Vivaldi and that will make the splendor of Venice, just a vague memory for tourists from around the world.
Recall that as well as composer, Scarlatti was one of the best harpsichord of the time, (clavicembalo it.) and that to date his pieces could be easily rearranged and played by a band of heavy metal:

More info on Scarlatti on wikipedia

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