24 gen 2012

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Tamara Ecclestone fired before starting Sanremo

tamara ecclestone
Tamara Ecclestone
The show Sanremo 2012, the oldest music festival in Europe, will be attended by Tamara Ecclestone ...
And we hoped that we, well we had done a video (!) ...
But why Miss Ecclestone was fired before to participate in Sanremo 2012?

It 's simple, would not work, did not want to do the tests, was engaged in shopping and social life .. crazy stuff, or not.
In fact, Tamara Ecclestone has no need to participate in Sanremo, is a multimillionaire, was there, perhaps, to please someone, perhaps for a whim, you know, what we know, is that it will not be replaced.
We'll there a reason, to this drama...

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