30 gen 2012

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The best Italian coffee

best italian coffee
Illy coffee
A few minutes ago, I went to buy Illy coffee for my house.
The Illy coffee is considered to be always, in Italy, the best blend for espresso.
When you drink a cup of this coffee, it seems to drink a liqueur, a liqueur flavored, sweet, if you put sugar, bitter if you do not add it, is a feast for the palate, a unique feeling, to try.

I remember several years ago, if you wanted to taste an espresso Illy, could be found only in some Bar.

Secrets of  Italian coffee
Illy coffee is a manufacturer since 1933 and has always focused on quality, Illy coffee has always been one of the most expensive of all coffees, but it's always been one of the best, of course, one could argue that it's all about of taste, but if you ask any Italian what do you think the quality of coffee Illy espresso, certainly someone will tell you that it feels good, some will tell you that they consider good, many will tell you which is the best Italian coffee.
To understand this better: today, when I went out to buy coffee, I noticed that the Illy coffee costs almost twice as many other brands, has a can of pressurized iron, unlike others that are sold in sealed envelopes.
Giving an Illy coffee for Christmas is a tradition here.
The Illy coffee is exported to 140 countries around the world, and remains one of the best blends for espresso.
This is the official website of Illy coffee: www.illy.com

Moreover, if you want to learn more about the culture of coffee in Italy, here's an interesting article, but here you will find a song dedicated to black coffee, translated into English, which does understand what is associated with the coffee, in Italy ...

Update: I found and easy and funny video to how to make an Italian coffee:

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