18 gen 2012

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Vittorio Monti Csardas Gypsy music

vittorio monti csardas gypsy music
Vittorio Monti

My great-grandfather and my great-grandmother were gypsies, he played the violin, I have no news of her.
I think they played this song hundreds of times.

As erroneously believed, Csardas, not come from a gypsy, but made by an Italian classic music author Vittorio Monti, who was born in Naples in 1868, the song is a traditional Hungarian dance, but this piece is certainly by a Italian composer.

We find the Vittorio Monti Csardas, in the beginning of the century, played by gypsies who made ​​music in the clubs, streets and squares all over Europe, then we find in the silent film comedians - then music - Charlie Chaplin, in Warner Bros. cartoons, and so on up to now, on YouTube, is one of those historical pieces of classical music that is not bored, that always find their place in any advertising, which can be played in various styles, arranged in many ways.
Csardas was written for violin (or mandolin) and piano,  but it can also be played by oboe, acoustic guitar and electric guitar, mandolin, piano, electric organ, classical organ, from the accordion, you can also whistle, is a classic piece that never loses of vitality, which is always nice to hear.
Below, some of the most beautiful interpretations of Vittorio Monti Csardas:

musicians plays Csardas on videos above:
  1. Maxim Vengerov,
  2. Victor Borge,
  3. Paco de Lucia,
  4. Luis Moreno,
  5. Y H Chen and Guitar,
  6. unknow accordion player, 
  7. Horn quartet,
  8. Guitar duet - Kevin loh,
  9. Joo Yung Loo, violinist

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