7 feb 2012

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Asia Argento: Sexy Dark Lady (video)

asia argento - sexy dark lady
Asia Argento
Asia Argento is the Sexy Dark Lady of Italian and international cinema.
Actress, director, screenwriter is the daughter of art, the great horror director Dario Argento, the mother is an actress, as the half sister.
She made her debut very young, only 9 years old, at 13 already has a starring role.
Asia Argento, after winning several awards as an actress in Italy, in the '90s - was born in 1975 - started in 1999 to work abroad, first to France and then in America, always with great directors.

Do You know, why Asia Argento has this great popularity?
Asia Argento, is not very pretty, but it certainly is a great manager of her own image.

In fact, Asia is a very ordinary woman, who likes to take long walks, drinking tap water, and be with her ​​daughter, but her image of Dark Lady, perhaps because the daughter of one of the most famous horror directors in the world, perhaps because was an actress of many horror films and thrillers, perhaps because the images that are on her, on TV, web, and film, are all so damn mysterious images of a Dark Lady, a mysterious and dangerous woman, intriguing and seductive like few others.

Here, is a video with the most beautiful pictures of Asia Argento, the film music of Dario Argento:

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