6 feb 2012

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BANCO Songs - Italian Progressive Rock Band

banco italian progressive rock
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso
It was the late 70s, my best friend played drums with a band of teenagers in a garage, I occasionally played with them, organ, percussion, but I like jazz, or Battisti, their instead, they worshiped only artists like Banco or PFM.

The Italian progressive rock band "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso", or BMS, or simply 'Banco' was, along with the P.F.M. and Le Orme, one of the best Italian progressive rock band.
The technical capability, combined with the research content, from the literature, Italian history and tradition, or world, like the song 'Moby Dick", made ​​them, one of the most interesting, which, again, 30 years after its founding (1969 ), are considered, especially at international level, the cornerstones of the progressive rock world.

The Italian progressive rock was, in fact, one of the main drivers of this current of music.
The admiration and esteem that Banco, Le Orme, PFM have, worldwide, is palpable, even in this blog, either by comments that the personal e-mail, I get the time.
Here, a selection of the best songs, or rather, of the best pieces of the "Banco" that I found on internet:

Banco songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Moby Dick lyrics translated
  2. Il Volo/R.I.P.
  3. Paolo, Pa
  4. Non Mi Rompete
  5. 750,000 Anni Fa L'amore
  6. Il giardino del Mago
  7. L'Evoluzione
  8.  R.I.P. (Requiescant in pace)
  9. IL RAGNO 

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