27 feb 2012

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BASTA COSI' - NEGRAMARO ft. ELISA - lyrics translation video

elisa toffoli - english language
"Basta così" (We must stop here) is a song by the Negramaro Band, singing along with Elisa Toffoli.
The Negramaro band, is one of the biggest bands of Apulia, a region in southern Italy, which in recent years, is becoming a kind of factory Italian singers and bands.
In this song two lovers decide to stop their relationship, a painful decision, but that somehow has to be taken.

This song, published in May 2011, despite not having sold a lot - came only 7th in the ranking of sales of singles in Italy - is still played by the Italian radio, maybe because it's just a beautiful song.
Here is the song "Basta così", with subtitles in English version and Italian:

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