14 feb 2012

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Benny Benassi sexy songs of Italian DJ

benny benassi - sexy video dj
Benny Benassi
When I saw for the first time the video of 'Satisfaction', (below) one of the most erotic music videos of all time, I was astonished: Who was the genius of DJ who made this masterpiece of music marketing?
I did not know Benny Benassi, believed that 'Satisfaction' was from a Russian DJ...
Benny Benassi plays house music, which sounds tend towards electronic music, I do not know if DJ Benassi is the best of these years, but it certainly is the most famous Italian DJ and abroad, and certainly not because it is the No. 8 DJ of the world, but why just go to YouTube and look at the views: Benassi videos, and songs by Benassi, have thousands, millions of views, and are widely used in other DJ remixes.
Benny Benassi was born in Reggio Emilia, in 1968, where he still lives and works.
We imagine Benassi, in the midst of dozens of beautiful women dancing around him, as in the photo above ...
In fact this is so, because Benny worked as a DJ in one of the trendiest nightclubs in Italy at this time, the Diabolka of Rome, and also works in radio linked to this club.
Benny has worked with the greatest American artists, and his career continues to grow, somehow manages to amaze us with what, in a bit. Meanwhile, we see some of the sexiest videos of Benny Benassi, with his house music:

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