1 feb 2012

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Best female Accordion player: Sylvia Pagni

sylvia pagni
Sylvia Pagni
Jazz, classical, accordion, piano, orchestra director, singer, song-writer.
Sylvia Pagni has music in her blood, and it shows.
She studied at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, where she graduated orchestra director, and teacher of piano and plays the accordion, so incredible.

Sylvia Pagni has participated in many Italian Tv shows, has several projects, but has not yet become famous, perhaps, it would take a music producer - lucky - to introduce her into the world of international music.
It is not easy to find a female accordion player so good and prepared, and ready to play everything, in practice,  in a professional way.
I remind You, that the accordion is a musical instrument typical of the Italian musical tradition, an instrument, that alone, until a few decades ago, managed to entertain an entire ballroom.
I'm not here to write more, I, as you may have guessed, I was struck by this talented Italian musician, one of best female accordion player I have heard, because I love artist who play multiple instruments?
It could be...
And You, what do you think?

Sylvia Pagni Official

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