12 feb 2012

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Best Goalkeeper ever: Buffon tribute video

best goalkeeper - buffon
Here's a video with the best saves, of the Best Goalkeeper in the World: the Italian Luigi Buffon.
Luigi Buffon, is the goalkeeper of Juventus, and a few days ago, the International Federation of Football History Statistics, said Luigi Buffon is the best goalkeeper in the world, since 2000.

After Roberto Baggio, Best Footballer ever, here's another super-champion of Italian football, which reminds us that Football was born in Italy ..
Of course, this news does not surprise us, soccer, football or association football, in Italian called 'Calcio' in Italy is a religion, more than a sport, and even those, like us, does not follow a continuous football, knows that Buffon is a great, among other things, in Italy, soccer is one of the few industries that do not know the crisis.

Is well known that Luigi Buffon, goalkeeper of Juventus and the Italian national football team, is really good, its qualities are more alertness, lack of fear, when he has to meet an opponent, and the seriousness that you put into your training.
Buffon is the son of another great Italian goalkeeper, and was born in 1978, in Tuscany.

Here, are some videos with Luigi Buffon:

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