20 feb 2012

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orange battle ivrea
Orange battle Ivera
The hardest Orange Battle in the world, is in the Carnival of Ivrea.

Also this year, an anachic manifestation, now officialized, on historic Carnival of Ivrea - a little Town near Turin, will play.

The weapons of this battle, they use the oranges as a projectile, which, even if they are pulled by hand, in the face when they arrive, they hurt, as You can see on video below ...
The Ivrea Carnival is an event, like all the Carnival in Italy, as Venice,  are historical events that have hundreds of years, but only after World War II a, Ivrea, is in use this 'game' that started with friends has become an institution, and now, is one of the major Tourist attractions of Ivrea
. Have fun, with the 'Orange Battle' of Ivrea:

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