19 feb 2012

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Diplomatic incident between Italy and India

diplomatic incident between italy and india
Italian marines
Two Indian sailors dead, killed by two Italian marines, in international waters.
And 'this, that has opened a diplomatic incident between Italy and India.

The two soldiers of the battalion S. Marco, the Italian marines, Massimiliano Latorre, and Salvatore Girone, serving in the Italian oil tanker 'Enrica Leixe', when sailing in the waters of the Indian Ocean, are approached by a vessel, who is believed to be maneuvering 'like an engagement pirate', the Marines are firing, and die two innocent Indian fishermen, one 25 and one aged 45.
The mistake was there, a tragic mistake, but the Italian tanker, was - according to our sources - in international waters, and must be judged by the Italian courts.
Now, the Italian marines, are in a prison, on the ground in India that are awaiting trial, and this has triggered a diplomatic incident, there is no agreement between Italy and India on how to solve this problem.
Obviously, if there was murder, manslaughter is a mistake, a tragic mistake.
In India there is great controversy, and is the public that the newspapers are screaming justice.

In Italy, only a few years ago, while low-fly,  by American jet-fighter, killed 20 innocent tourists, but the pilots were Americans, and despite the protests, were tried in America.
Now, we need to understand if the tanker was in international waters or waters Indian, but Italian soldiers, were still in the Italian boat, and were doing their job.

We do not know what will happen, but certainly we are very sorry for the deaths of two innocent people.
Source: Radio Capital (TgR) + Ansa .

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  1. The losers should be tried (and hanged, if guilty) in India.


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