6 feb 2012

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GOBLIN: Dario Argento's soundtracks

italian progressive rock, goblin
The Goblin is a group of Italian progressive rock band, formed by Massimo Morante and Claudio Simonetti, who in '74 manage to find a producer in London, the same as Yes and Emerson Lake Palmer, shortly after, Dario Argento in Rome know: is the step to become famous.

Dario Argento, is already a horror director, internationally known, and the group Goblin seems made for the soundtracks of his movies.

"Profondo Rosso" (Deep Red), has, immediately, an international success, following Suspiria and Phenomena.
The song "Deep Red", was first in the Italian charts for 16 weeks in a row, a record still unsurpassed.
And, on 1975, and for some years the Goblins, working with Dario Argento, but nationally, do not do that' popularity jump ', they might do. Too bad, the Goblins were, however, an example of that great artistic fervor of the Italian progressive rock music, very lively in those years, and of course, have brought fame and fortune is the Italian progressive rock, and the Italian horror film, with their soundtracks for the movies of Dario Argento.
Below, some of the most popular songs of Goblin:

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