1 feb 2012

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Heather Parisi songs of the best dancer in Italian Tv Show

heather parisi
Heather Parisi on 80s
Heather Parisi is American, born in 1960, is practically unknown in the U.S.
Begins to dance as a child, and it is the dance to make her unique.
She was only 18 years, during a holiday in Sardinia, when spotted by a television producer, who presents it to Pippo Baudo, the most important Italian television presenter of the '70s and '80s.
After the first appearance, have become famous, and, after taking part, on 1979, the TV show 'Fantastico' on Saturday evening, with 24 million viewers, Heather became a star.
Heather Parisi dance very well, brings a great innovation in Italy: modern dance and ballet, which, fused together with its provocative moves, do the dance of Heather Parisi a 'must' to imitate, for all the Italian dancers, young and little.

And 'that, the real reason for the success of Heather Parisi, who will be the dancer - now considered to be Italian - good as you can see on  Italian TV, this will continue for years and years, but Heather has had the success that can no longer be matched, as there are more conditions.
Obviously, all the songs she sang during her ballets, although it certainly can not say Heather was a good singer, had a great success.
Below, the most beautiful choreography of TV shows that Heather Parisi attended during the 80s, beautiful;
Ps: in some of the ballets belove, here's Carla Fracci, n.1 of Italian Ballet of 70's and 80's:
Heather Parisi songs
Lorella Cuccarini, Pippo Baudo e Heather Parisi
Lorella Cuccarini, Pippo Baudo e Heather Parisi

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