22 feb 2012

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Leonardo da Vinci Madonnas ( video)

Leonardo da Vinci
I am not here to talk about the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Leonardo Da Vinci, is famous in all the world, and if You want more information, You can find them on Wikipedia.

Today, I want to present something useful, simple, but very interesting: a video, with the Madonnas of Leonardo.
The video, shows the Madonnas of Leonardo, which can be distinguished by the subtitles, and find out some details.

The Catholic Church was, for centuries, the greatest patron of the arts in Italy, Madonnas, Madonna and Child, Virgin and child, are classical pictorial of Mary, and Leonardo has often worked for the Vatican, like all other artists.

Leonardo was an atheist?
Maybe, but certainly the money, and Power of the Vatican, made ​​him comfortable, and Leonardo da Vinci, for years, painted these religious subjects.

The music from Mozart: "Exsultate, Jubilate" mottetto sacro 1773, K.165
"Tu virginum corona" andante

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