29 feb 2012

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Leonardo lost painting: Battle of Anghiari images

leonardo da vinci anghiari battle
Battle of Anghiari
(Leonardo da Vinci) 
"The Battle of Anghiari" is the lost painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Anghiari is a small town of about 6,000 inhabitants in the south of Tuscany, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
Anghiari is on top of a hill and dominates the plain of the High Tiber, its walls were built around 1200.
Anghiari was practically unbreakable, as You can see from the video below, had several walls that made ​​it a town impregnable, maybe that's why in 1440 the armies of Florence and Milan, were found just below a few tens of meters from the walls so impenetrable, so we called the Battle of Anghiari.
Leonardo da Vinci, on 1505, was called by the Medici to paint the Battle of Anghiari, in a large hall in the palace of the Florentine family, the great hall was supposed to host another large fresco, painted by Michelangelo.
The Medici, the greatest magnates of Renaissance art, want to see a challenge, between Leonardo and Michelangelo, to those who would do the most beautiful painting.
Michelangelo did not begin for several reasons, but Leonardo da Vinci spent a year of his time, helped by 6 assistants, to make that painting.
Leonardo was very meticulous when painting (here Madonnas of Leonardo), and instead of fresco, he tried to use an ancient technique called encaustinc painting, which includes large areas of dry drawing with fire, but the wall was too big, and the colors faded, as the design, it is said that after a short time, little was left of that masterpiece of painting, not even 'carton' where Leonardo drew the sketches, the copy on right made by Rubens on 1603, after the lost painting by Leonardo was covered by frescos of Giorgio Vasari.

Leonardo drew the characteristics of the characters, in a way, that while the soldiers fought, seemed to be part of a storm, the storm's fury of war ....

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