12 feb 2012

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L'immensità (Don Backy) lyrics translation video

don backy - l'immensità
Don Backy
"L'immensità" (The immensity) - in the videos below, in various versions - is one of the most beautiful and exciting Italian songs.
He speaks of loneliness and love, a deep loneliness and despair.
Write by lyricist Mogol and Don Backy, and sing by Don Backy (photo on the right).
Presented on Sanremo '67 this song was sung in 2 versions, by Don Backy and Jonny Dorelli.
It 'a song in crescendo, which tests the voice of any singer, have been conducting a series of covers of this song, I do not think that there is an Italian singer who, at least once in their life, have not tried to sing this amazing , wonderful song.

The vastness is so famous that, besides being repeatedly used for commercials, performed by various singers, having versions in multiple languages​​, is often used in all the talent shows like X-Factor or 'Friends', just for testing the voice of new singers.

L'Immensità, di Don Backy e Mogol:

Io son sicuro che
per ogni goccia
per ogni goccia che cadrà
un nuovo fiore nascerà,
e su quel fiore una farfalla volerà.

Io son sicuro che
in questa grande immensità
qualcuno pensa un poco a me
e non mi scorderà.

Sì, io lo so
tutta la vita sempre solo non sarò,
un giorno troverò
un po' d'amore anche per me
per me che sono nullità
. . . . . .

Sì, io lo so
tutta la vita sempre solo non sarò
e un giorno io saprò
d'essere un piccolo pensiero
nella più grande immensità a a a a
del suo cielo.

"L'immensità" (The Immensity), Don Backy and Mogol:

I am sure
for each drop
for every drop that falls
A new flower is born,
and a butterfly on the flower fly.

I am sure
in this great vastness
some people think a little of me
and He will not forget about me

Yes, I know
life will not always alone,
one day find
a little 'love for me
for me it is nullity
. . . . . .

Yes, I know
life will not always alone
and one day I will know
of being a little thought
the largest immensity a a a a
of the sky.

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