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Luigi Tenco songs: suicidal against Italian music

luigi tenco
Luigi Tenco
Luigi Tenco committed suicide in 1967, in a hotel room in Sanremo, to protest against the Italian music and culture, as he was taking part in Sanremo '67.

"I loved the Italian public, and I spent five years of my life in vain. 
I do this, not because I'm tired of life, but as an act of protest against a public that sends (the song)" Io tu e le rose"in the final, and a committee that selects (the song)"La rivoluzione". 
I hope it will serve to clarify things to somebody. 
Hello, Luigi "
And this, that the note written by Tenco, Dalila, a ITALIAN-French singer who competed at the 1967 Festival Di Sanremo along with Tenco, found near the body of Luigi.

Tenco was an idealist, a poet, a very frail.
He is considered one of the best songwriters of his time, along with his friend Fabrizio De André.
Luigi Tenco was born in Piedmont in 1938, recorded his first songs in 1961, and was instantly successful, but he was immediately censured, in fact one of his songs, "Cara Maestra" a song that no one could censoring today, just because it described the differences between the various social classes.
Luigi Tenco also had the big hits, songs that we included in this video playlist below.

The sacrifice of Tenco is served to Italian pubblic?
Surely, Tenco's suicide has made to think, at the time, the Italian newspapers did not talk about other things, for months, years later, the songs presented in Sanremo had more content, but I do not know what this gesture may have helped the Italian music.
In fact, I think Tenco, otherwise he could sacrifice himself, continuing to work in Italian music, despite all the difficulties, continuing to give us his good love songs, as he had done until then, before that fateful day.

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