14 feb 2012

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tattoo convention - milan 2012
Milan Totoo convention
Milan Tattoo Convention, the most important tattoo event in Italy, is finished.
The tattoo in Italy, is a whole new fashion, by the time of the Roman Empire was that Italians are not used to tattoo the skin, since the Emperor Constantine converted himself, and his Roman Empire, to Christianity.
The tattoo came back in Italy, illegal, soldiers and prisoners, in the nineteenth century, but it is only in the late 70s that began to develop.
But is the fashion world in the early 90's that going to the beach in summer, we began to see the first, real tattoos, made ​​up of professionals, from teenagers in the '80s, in fact, the tattoos were made among friends, because there were very few 'shops' to tattoo themselves.

Milan Tattoo Convention, is now in its 17th edition, this year in private really a good show, as you can see from the photos here, on Google + by an Italian photographer, Laura Balc.
Milan Tattoo Convention Official

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