6 feb 2012

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Moana Pozzi hot sexy

moana pozzi hot sexy

Moana Pozzi, was born in 1961, from a middle-class family, she moved to Rome to study acting in 1986, failing to become famous as an actress, try movies for adults, and become a Star.

Tall, blonde, blue eyes, a statue, we can't says Moana is a tipycal Italian femal beauty, I remember her first appearances with a swimsuit, with the American Flag.
She was the symbol of Italian freedom, in fact, along with others famous actress in Italy, - as Rocco Siffredi, here -  and helped by the Radical Party, as the 'Party of Love', something truly unique in the history of western politics.
This makes us understand the enormous popularity of Moana Pozzi, yes, because Moana Pozzi, is not only a beautiful girl, intelligent, capable, educated, polite, was the mistress of important politicians and Italian businessmen, has written two books, worked on Italian television, but she died soon, too soon for a fulminant cancer, only 33 years.
Her death, for years, has remained a mystery, even Moana Pozzi, like other celebrities, gone too fast, it was becoming 'a case', but thanks to processes, and the family now know that this is the simple truth .
Below, is a video with the Moana Pozzi Hot Sexy:

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