1 feb 2012

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OFFLAGA DISCO PAX: Italian New Wave of 2000

offlaga disco pax
Offlaga Disco Pax
Offlaga Disco Pax is an Italian New Wave band, not famous, but certainly, one of the most interesting Italian band of recent years.
We define a "collective neo-feeling, against democracy on feeling."

The band of "Offlaga Disco Pax" not 'singing' the songs, but the 'recitation', with their refined based electronic music, offering songs full of content, that challenge us to think, content from life experience.
The Offlaga come from Reggio Emilia, a city stronghold of the Italian Communist Party, and the texts of Offlaga tell us about the old days, there aren't political songs, but they talks about the 70 'and 80 years, where he still build political values​​, where people fought for his ideals, never banal lyrics, but always ironic, disenchanted, often sad, music is sought after and never invasive.
Their most famous album 'Pocket socialism' was released in 2004, was ranked number 24 on top 100 most beautiful albums of Italian music from the Rolling Stones.
We will try, when we find them, to give you the translations of some texts of the songs Offlaga meantime, here are some videos with their best hits:

Offlaga Official Site

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