8 feb 2012

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OSANNA: Italian Prog Rock - Rare Videos

osanna - italian progressive rock band - painted face
Osanna: Italian progressive
Rock band
Before the Kiss, Osanna, 70's Italian progressive rock band, began to paint their faces during their performances.
Osanna, are a progressive rock band of Naples, great Italian musicians, they have not had a great success in Italy, as P.F.M., or Banco, personally, I only remember the song "L'uomo", (The Man).
They also used costumes during their live, I was lucky enough to find on YouTube, of rare videos, just uploaded a member of Osanna, bassist Lello Brandi and I put in this short article.

Osanna, like many other groups of Italian progressive rock, have been more popular abroad than in Italy.

We Italians, we are always very reluctant to all kinds of new information, especially musical: we have our beliefs, are in the opera, or love songs in Sanremo, the limit in the Neapolitan, the rest is scary, we accept most new , by a foreign person, that an Italian, but perhaps the same thing happens in other countries..
I do not know.
The progressive rock genre, has always been regarded with great suspicion, I can only imagine what he was saying the Italian public opinion Osanna, and their faces painted, or their music, so 'strange' ...
Of course, when Kiss became famous in America, I remember there was an uproar when they were playing in Italy, but were finally accepted.
I wish you a good listening to the music of Osanna, and of these video images with very rare and very interesting, to note the saxophonist, who can play two saxophones at once:

Here, more info about Osanna

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