8 feb 2012

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Renzo Piano Architecture works

renzo piano best architecture works
Renzo Piano
Renzo Piano is one of the best architects in the world.
Born in Genoa in 1937, was awarded the Pritzcher in 1998, by Bill Clinton.
Considered the "master of light", Renzo Piano, always trying to put together new technology with sustainable development, usability and innovation, beauty and lightness, comfort and prestige, always managing to impress both the simple user that the expert eye of architects and designers worldwide.
His career has gone from the experience he can do in the yard of his father, who has a construction company, as well as his frequent study tours in America, in the early '70s, along with an English architect, Rogers, with which he opened an architecture firm, won the chance to do the project of Beaubourg, Centre Georges Pompidou, in Paris: the work is innovative, very unique, but extremely useful for exhibits that stay there, this decrees the international success of Renzo Piano, who was already very popular in Italy and famous.
The art of architecture in Italy, has always been one of the finest expressions of Italian Culture, from the Roman Empire Architecture, to Sacred Architecture, Renzo Piano is the natural heir of the ancient masters of Italian architects, and all of us, we very proud that master Piano, have exported Italian modern architecture around the world.

Below, we managed to find some movies, in English and in Italian, about a dozen of the best works of architecture of Renzo Piano, real masterpieces of architecture, which will remain in the history of this century, from museums to stadiums, from airports to skyscrapers, from universities, to restructuring of medieval villages:

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