22 feb 2012

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The Rokes and Shapiro, Italian Beat Band

shapiro and rokes
Shapiro and The Rokes
The history of The Rokes is related to Shel Shapiro, their leader and creator, but it is anomalous, in Italian music, in fact, The Rokes is a British band, as English is Shapiro, but are virtually unknown in England, only Shel Shapiro, when began his own personal career, became famous in the rest of Europe, especially France, where he led television programs.

Shapiro and his The Rokes, are more than a band, Shapiro is a guru, a guru of his generation, an ecologist at the first way.
Shapiro, having had considerable success as a singer and songwriter, as well as being a presenter of TV show, in recent years, has done film and theater, showing his skills as a man from the stage.
Shapiro is also a testimonial of some non-profit organization.

Here are some videos of the most famous songs of The Rokes and Shapiro, who made ​​the history of the Beat generation, together Equipe 84 Band, in Italy, where sell more than 5 million of copies, with songs as "Che colpa abbiamo Noi", here, in a remasterezed HQ version:

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